Eve: A Creative Response to the Woman Above











And he said I should not eat the forbidden fruit…but I did and it was good.

The first bite bought about a wet, warm feeling.

The sweetness carried me away.

I levitated. I swallowed.

I opened my eyes and I was naked.

The fruit dissolved my attire!

Adam did the same. I saw my previous reaction through his present one…when it was present.

As he recovered from the fruit experience, he spotted Elohim.

He was frightened. So was I.

…Elohim cast us out.

Adam blamed me.

He’s gone to seek refuge.

Now I stand naked, lost and alone.

And I can feel Elohim’s eyes burning through the back of me.

I hope he has enough compassion to guide me through these vines.

I feel like I’ve started a story.

Nothing before matters.

Perfection was only moments ago,

But I barely remember it.

What will be the Genesis of my Exodus?

Written September 2010



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