My WordPress Pledge

HOLDING what’s supposed to be a ‘very important meeting’ with a friend in a cosy coffee shop often leads to laughing and talking about nothingness. However, the occasional words of wisdom weave their way through talks of shoes, food and the girl with the bad hair on the bus.
On this occasion, wisdom reinforced the inconvenience of irony: It’s ‘ironic’ that writing about, facilitating and marketing creative writing workshops hinders your writing which is somewhat ‘inconvenient.’
As much as I love running Scribble Ink and can feel the success blossoming, I believe its time to dust off that diary and nick a new pen from Argos!
My pledge is to share my creativity via my blog. Whether it be an extract of a script, a poem, a short story or other, it’ll be posted before the weekend sets.
Until then…Stay blessed,

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