The Naked Truth












With distinct vulnerability

I defy gravity

Eyes admire the bird’s eye view

Brain questions sanity

I see on the road a catastrophe

Such is life; could’ve been anybody.

A few feet higher and can you believe

A humming bird has the tenacity

To float with me.

Now inches higher than before

My locks sway back and forth

As the breeze weaves through the strands

Numb goes the feet, stomach and hands.

Fear I’ll never stand on land

Is counterbalanced by a tranquil ray of light

Seeping through a pink candy floss cloud on my right.

And all around is a blanket blue

And a tingling mint cool.

Even higher I’m greeted by a ceiling of black-

Decorated with stars I smile at.

The vacuum of space

Squeezes my face.

I begin to loose breath

Soon I discover the bird has left.

Out of nowhere, the beep of a machine crescendos.

Muffled voice says ‘clear!’

Another screams ‘please save her!’

Another shouts ‘stand back!’

And another screams ‘it was murder!’

Then I feel a thump

I’ve jumped

And not landed

Amongst billions of stars is a peculiar spec of light

Unable to identify its colour I’m astounded.

All the while voices continue to invade my ears

Heart racing

Out come the tears.

Just about grasping what’s happened

I take a final breath

And brace myself for the one who says:

‘Its too late…time of death?’

Written August 2010



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