Christian Films?

“Why are christian films so swag?” This question put to me years ago I still find difficult to answer. Of course, I do argue that such a semi-rhetoric can’t  be applicable to Christian or Christian inspired films like The Chronicles of Narnia, The Passion of the Christ, countless 1950’s/60’s biblical films as well as the Veggietales which have been huge success.’

But films that are supposed to go beyond the story and convey the message are at times concerning. If not for the bad scripts, poor productions, terrible casting, etc, they can be quite unbiblical. Take the Left Behind Series for example; it implies that Christians will be raptured before the world meets destruction. That in a blink of an eye we’ll be caught up and our clothes will be folded neatly next to the non believers, left to get saved or get burned. Show me where the bible says that? Whatsmore, in the third movie, a leading character (now saved) marries another woman (even though he was already married and his wife was raptured) and never deals with the fact that he commited adultery and uses his lover (or ex-lover) to help him escort the antichrist around the globe as apparently, its all part of God’s plan.

Another short I saw recently, had an ok-ish cast (which is where I’m guessing all the money went). The sound was awful, the dialogue was repetitive thus, making the story slow and almost pointless and worst of all, it was so far from scripture it was unreal! Who gets saved in hell? Who comes back from hell and remains completely sane? Who thinks its right to tell a boyfriend/ girlfriend that if they don’t become a christian its over, without giving them a proper explaination of what christianity is? Why are all the christian girls made to dress so frumpy?!(Do you get my point now?)

I understand the christian arts has to do without the sex, drugs and rock’ n roll of the world (which a lot of secular media relies on for production to be appealling), but that does not permit what’s so frequently churned out. Why am I so surprised when I see a christian film that’s ‘decent?’

I propose a change: We stop hiding behind excuses. If we’re working with low budgets, be sure to work with a brilliant script. If the script is inspired by the bible (a book with 66 stories still selling strong) then what’s the problem?

Hire good directors, producers and actors:  Old Veera may be awesome in the choir but she may not be the best actress. Steve might be great with that powerpoint but that doesn’t make him a Spike Lee. Think it through, especially if you’re planning on using it to evangelise.

I know this may seem contraversial to some, but frankly I don’t care. Show me a good christian film, and I’ll show you another blog.






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