Christian Films: A Continuum


Previously I expressed my concerns re the state of Christian films. Today I express my joy in finding a string of films that (to a point) eradicate those concerns. Thanks to all who read the last blog, I’ve been directed to a range of films with good quality writing, acting, directing, etc, but above all, are accurate in storytelling.

This morning I watched the 2003 movie adaptation of Martin Luther’s Reformation and as I type, my eyes dart to the opposite side of my screen where the recent adaptation of Queen Esther reveals both the eloquence and comic relief in the situation (something I did not think possible in biblical stories).

Furthermore, as a child, Queen Esther was my FAV biblical story and thanks to this film I’ve been encouraged to re-unite myself with it. This is what Christian films should be doing!

I’ve come to find that the best Christian films are biographies. This is not to say Christian films of other genres are completely useless, but if they are to par with films like Luther and Esther, then as I keep saying, should produce everything using nothing but the best.

Now I know good Christian films do exist, I’d love to see more of the same and I await the day when we can put to death the cringe worthy, wotless films that give the good stuff bad names.

Until next time…x



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