Beddow and Battini’s Latest Success

After countless meetings, endless phone calls, frequent emails and a tube of sticky glue we did it!

We finally held our Fictitious Town Exhibition! Many thanks to the HUNDREDS who came along.

For those who missed out, the Beddow and Battini Art Collective recently held an exhibition inspired by the intriguing characters of our fellow Londoners.

Beddow and Battini is a collective of Writers’, Illustrators, Actors, Film Makers, Spoken Word Artists and Other. Within the collective, a creative will partner with an artist of another discipline far from their own. The result is a curate-ion of vibrant visual pieces accompanied by beautiful literature and garnished with powerful live performances.

This year, I created a piece titled ‘She Of The City’ in response to a digital illustration by Ailish Sullivan. I was immediately drawn to the story conveyed through the colours, the eyes and the ink tear drop.

I began the journey with a poem, referencing powerful, inspirational women who walk the streets of London.

Subsequently, I selected one of the characters and developed her story. Originally, she was a Lonely Hearts’ Columnist, but as her life began to unfold, the role of Agony Aunt seemed more fitting. She’s written to many women (also referenced in the poem) and they’ve written back. Some sent letters and emails of thanks, others proved their British-ness and wrote letters of complaint!

Anywho, this Aunty Agy (whose real name remains a mystery), always hoped she’d use her writing to deal with ‘real women’s issues’ such as, domestic violence, sex trafficking, eating disorders, etc. When she finally got her big break writing for ‘Blah Magazine’ she was bitterly disappointed with what she has to respond to. Just when she thinks she cannot take anymore, Blah announces they’ve gone bust and distribute redundancy packages. She drafts her final article titled ‘The Writers’ Revenge’, leaves it on her desk hoping someone will help solve her dilemma; to send, or not to send?

Surrounding the island of an article, is a sea of emails from readers, her parents, etc. I’ll soon be posting those up so keep an eye out!

At the Fictitious Town Exhibition, passers-by step into the space and become Aunty Agy. After listening to the poem, reading the, letters, emails and the article, they decide whether it is right to send the article. Some argued it was imperative for the article to be sent: “Revenge is sweet,” “It’s nothing against the readers, its payback to Blah,” “She’d be doing all true writers’ a favour if she sent it.” Whereas others rebutted with “No!”, “It’ll hurt the people who don’t deserve it,” “It could damage her career.” On occasion, I had to remind some that it was only a story and they didn’t need to get their knickers in a twist, but it’s always nice to have people enthused by your work! LOL.

“I didn’t like it…I loved it! I was very impressed and very inspired by everybody’s efforts. I hope they do another one very, very soon” A Randomer who left a big impression.

For more information and to view pics visit Beddow and Battini visit



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