The Writers’ Revenge: Part of my ‘She of the City’ Installation for the Beddow and Battini Exhibition

Hey! As promised, I’m posting all written bit n’ bobs from the exhibition for your pleasure. As you may remember, Aunty Agy (whose real name remains a mystery), always hoped she’d use her writing to deal with ‘real women’s issues’ such as, domestic violence, sex trafficking, eating disorders, etc. When she finally got her big break writing for ‘Blah Magazine’ she’s left bitterly disappointed what she has to respond  to. Just when she thinks she cannot take anymore, Blah announces they’ve gone bust and distribute redundancy packages. She drafts her final article titled ‘The Writers’ Revenge’ and leaves it on her desk hoping someone will help solve her dilemma; to send, or not to send?  Enjoy!



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  1. old cusser says:

    Dear Nadia – You have oceans of talent but seem to expend it on too many fragmented fronts. Why not write a longish, disciplined piece of work such as a half hour radio play or comedy, using all your enviable exuberance and fresh ideas, but making it accessible to a middlebrow (i.e. paying) audience? You may hate the idea of this but in the end a writer needs readers/listeners and lolly. But you will go your own way. And that could be a long way, given your many gifts.

    1. Hi.

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate getting any feedback and it’s great to get other perspectives on my work.
      I’ve often thought about broadening my appeal re to a ‘middlebrow’ market as you suggested. However, I don’t want to loose the sense that my work reflects those who feel their stories are overlooked and/or misrepresented by the arts. As for writing a ‘longish’ piece, I understand your point. Most of the work I post on my blog are extracts and works in progress. For copyright reasons, I hardly ever post a whole piece so if you are interested in reading more, let me know.

      Thanks again,keep reading, stay blessed,

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