She of the City: Elefest Performance

berthardyThursday 24th March is now a highlight for me! Not because I found a £1 under my bed, nor because I had a half day at work. This was the day I overcame my nerves and for the first time in years, performed poetry!

The Elefest is an annual event jam packed with live performances. This year was graced with live samba and gypsy swing, contemporary and street dance, neo soul singing and spoken word. I performed my latest poetic piece ‘She of the City.’ this piece was part of the Beddow n’ Battini exhibition earlier this year. It’s kind of an observational, quirky, witty, with deep undertones sort of piece. It’s a celebration of women who live the London life and inspire me. For those of you who read the preceding blogs re the exhibition, you’ll find that this piece ties everything together nicely. Otherwise, you’ll find that ‘She of the City’ just a nice bit a’ blurb!

Many thanks to this who came along. Well done to this who took part. Cheers to Charlie who gave me the opportunity to perform.

Here’s to many more performances!

Nadia 🙂


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