She of the City


Here’s to the Mother’s, the Girlfriend’s and the Spouses
The ones who run the departments, the tracks and the houses.

The Waitress on their feet all day smiling for tips
The Guitarist who strums and strides singing songs by the Misfits.

The Nurses pacing up and down to the Doctor’s credit
The Student buried in essay notes deciphering Beckett
The Librarian peering over student’s shoulder thinking ‘End game. I’ve read it.’

The Nanny helping train the child in the way that she should go
The Pensioner who warms your heart with her ‘good mornings’ and ‘hellos.’

The Cat who stares into nothingness pinning for her litter
The Barmaid serving honest John his daily pint of bitter.

The Venetian Mask beside the hourglass above the antique locket-
Sitting in the Vintage Shop owned by the Punk Rocker- skin tone like a wotsit.

The Lonely-Hearts Columnist who dreams of finding the one.
The 50 year old by the grave remembering her son.

The Mistress who fidgets uncomfortably as she ponders karma
The Mylie Cyrus wanna-be who without reason causes drama.

The Ghetto Fabulous Golden Groover to lover’s rock sways hips from side to side
The Air Hostess embracing the floor post her shift in the sky.

The Bitch who fetches runs and jumps and barks in sheer delight
The Retail Assistant sampling stock, assured heels help her height.

The Flower opening gracing the world with signs of summer’s day
The Teacher juggling the marking which hinders her time to play.

The Prey who swears she’ll kill him if he touches her again
The Victim who says she wants to leave him, she just doesn’t know when.

The Manicurist regretting not pursuing her career as a Mechanic
The OCD spots a track of mud and suddenly starts to panic

The Painter who promises to be the next Freda Carlos
The Sun beaming her golden rays, warming skin ‘til Wind blows.

The Homeless Teen who swears that was ‘soooo’ her last injection
The Writer who picks up her pen despite her 1000th rejection.

To the Isis, the Odiri, the Esther, the Eve,
The Ave Maria, the Boedasia, the Suffragette, the Levy.
The Rosa, the Angelou, the Nina, Celie, the Marie Loyd the Seacole, the Curie and Neffettiti.
The Queens who carry, deliver and suckle the soul.

Here’s to you. She of the City.



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