My GPS let me down. My heels were killer. My dress took every opportunity to parachute up and reveal the thighs (which by the way were victims of too many biscuits). I started sweating. I found the venue. My belly was breakdancing. My legs were jelly. My mouth was dry. And then… They called me up.

You’d think this being my second performance in such a short space of time that life would be easier. You’d think as this was my second time performing the piece, I’d be more confident; more assured. You’d think I wouldn’t be holding on to my diary for dear life. You’d think I wouldn’t have to write in big bold words across my diary; ”don’t forget to tell them your name…don’t forget your name is Nadia.”

I’m hoping to soon be over the anxiety of pre performance. Equally, I’m relishing in the satisfaction of post performance; glad that I did it, happy with the clapping and well done’s.

By this point I’d imagine you wanna know what the heck I’m on about? I’m talking about last nights performance at Southbank Uni’s Africarr event. Their ACS (Afro-Caribbean Society) has launched seasonal evenings jam-packed with spoken word, dance, music and comedy(ish). I performed my poem ‘She of the City’ (I’ve posted it on my previous blog…you’re welcome) and an extract from my play ‘G.I.C’ (to be posted as my next blog).

Overall, I’d say the night was a success. Many thanks to Barbara (lady of events) who invited me.

Here’s to man more performances in the future!



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