Barcode: A Poetic Extract Taken From G.I.C

Robben Island: A very REAL prison experience


Scene 3 Barcode

 Kyle freezes frame. Lights brighten over Jo, Jamal and Wesley and Mavrick. Mavrick unfreezes frame and weaves in and out of Jo, Wesley and Jamal, talking into their ear.


 Born into a system as a corporate slave, a sacrifice to materialism in a capitalism game.

A number and a barcode instead of a name, a being whose innate freedom is forcibly tamed.

Religion and science verses moral compliance, intentionally defiant,

psychological tyrant, forming an alliance-with the aim to make one silent.

The bottom of the barrel that’s impossible to reach, the starlight-years away from earth we acknowledge, but don’t seek.

A loud voice overwhelmed by the ability to speak, the tin on the top shelf we desperately need, but don’t bother to reach.

 The ambition lost in a tonne of ideas, the courage that was drowned out by a multitude of fears.

 The crashing waves of an ocean born from salty streams of tears, the engine eager to function, but halted by stiff gears.

 Living a life of lies and calling it ‘the economics’ of truth’, manipulating the facts until fabrication becomes ‘you.’

 A sheep in wolves clothing, a tramp covering dirt with a suit,

 A tall tree, that appears strong, but is dying from the root.

 Countless promises broken, apathy prevents ambition from being awoken.

 From appreciating to living, from living to surviving,

 From surviving to existing, From existing to dying.

 From dead to forgotten, One’s mind becomes rotten,

 Intuition is gone, Navigation-not on.

 The land of the brave, Is now the home of ‘too late’?

 A place where the thin line between love and hate, Will inevitably break,

 So the two emotions conceive And give birth to ‘fake-‘ An absent minded imitation of what was once great.

 Imitation is not genuine, But here, not genuine is acceptable sin.

 Who began this monstrosity we identify as ‘life’? Who or what is really to blame? (Ask sarcastically) Trouble and Strife?

 Once we’ve placed the blame, will we stand up and fight? Or will we remain barcodes- barely in sight?

 Let them know your identity, so you can have the opportunity, to be your own person and take the lead.

 So…to ensure One’s amazements never cease, allow One’s knowledge to increase,

 Rather than remain, a pawn in this game.

 Stand up, rip the barcode off and boldly say your name!

Freeze Mavrick. Unfreeze Kyle


Sounds good doesn’t it? That’s why I fell for it. Yes, I still believe these words are words of wisdom. I’m just annoyed at whose mouth these words came from and I’m annoyed at how he managed to twist them into negative words, which of course led to negative actions.


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