Tilly’s Tale- 1st Edition (Part of ‘Eat My Shorts’)

Click to listen to her monologue

The initial idea for Tilly WAS for her to be placed in the following: Based on a group of homeless people who for one night a week come together to create their ideal world and ideal selves. No one really knows each other (or so they think). One night, a member fails to show. It turns out someone has exiled them, but who? And why?
How much of their real selves must they expose to prove their innocence? How much of what they say is real and how much of what is real reveals the truth? And as the truth begins to unravel, what is to become of  ‘The Klan.’

I’ve had this synopsis play over and over in my mind for a while. I’ve painfully forced this story into mediums where it did not belong. Now with the birth of ‘Eat My Shorts’, Tilly finally has a home.


P.S. I doubt I’ll be recording every character I create so consider this an experiment as well as a treat! And many thanks to Drew Sinclair for the illustration 🙂


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