The setting: Inspired by the Newham Writers’ Group (Another ‘Eat My Shorts’ Addition)

I’ve lived in Newham most of my life yet it was only a couple of weeks ago I discovered the Newham Writers’ Group has been running since ’86.

Curious as to what creative world beamed in my own backyard, I decided to attend their 25th anniversary celebration.

Cut to ST John’s Church, Stratford Broadway: The food was scrumpcious, the people were lovely, the writing workshops were insightful and the open mic made me smile. It comes as no surprise that my community is filled with talented people.

It’s just a shame the powers that be (the local council and government) do as little as possible to encourage artistic growth (perhaps if all creatives rebranded themselves as Tesco they’d stand a fighting chance).

Ranting aside, one of the workshops encouraged me to create a piece I thought fitting for ‘Eat My Shorts.’ It’s a brief description of a Saturday morning journey. I think it’ll find its way into the setting of the world the characters reside in?


The sky was bubblegum, the street was sssshhh, the Dlr was pfft, again! The birds were jazz, the foxes were heavy metal rock  and the odd him and her like zombies, waltzed into Asda.

The clock was ticking the bus was procrastinating as it does when you have somewhere to be. Annoyingly, eventually, it crawled like a bloody red wounded walrus and slid into the stop.

Reluctantly it opened it’s doors. Fumbling about she eventually pulled out her oyster. People tutting and k.m.t-ing behind her. Panicked, she pulled out her card and pressed it hard against the angry oyster machine. Beep-beep-beep said the machine loud enough for all to hear. Beep-beep-beep it screeched. ‘Seek assistance it read to her.’ ‘Pay £.2.20’ he said.

‘Just a typical Saturday morning’ she thought…


P.S. Thank you Newham Writers’ Group. I look forward to working with you guys very soon 🙂


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