Listen…about last night…

Almost 24 hours ago, I absorbed a humungous amount of vibrant, funk-a-delick soul inspiring energy!

The ‘Art To East Africa’ event graced us with a ‘Narnia’ of creative outlets. The Queen of Hoxton rooftop was paved with blank canvass’, paints, sprays and brushes. Music boomed and the BBQ sizzled, artists drew and naturally, I wrote a lil sumink-sumink (to be revealed in the next blog).

As sunset approached we made our way to the basement and were greeted by a plethora of stunningly talented musicians! Reggae, Hi-Life, Neo-Soul, Funky House, Acoustic Hip Hop and nostalgic DJing soothed the ears and moved the feet.

This was my first East African inspired event. The evening opened doors to a culture I’ve always found fascinating but never known much about. Perhaps this is the start of my acquaintance with the ‘cradle of life?’


Ps. Post the event, I realised just how unreliable night buses are! I was adamant on staying for the last act which cost me a long walk, 2 buses filled with nut cases and a stupidly expensive cab ride home! Still, it was more than worth it 🙂



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