Jammin’ With Joshua


Dear folk.

It’s been a rough, tough week and a bit. One jam packed with anger, anxiety, disappointment and boarder exhaustion. It’s times like these we need the bible most, but find it so difficult to pick up!

Suffice to say I did and read my way through Joshua- a man who had an inkling of what I’ve been feeling recently.

We all know Joshua is famous for the battle of Jericho. I remember reading this story as a child and seeing a very colourful veggie tales rendition. However, revisiting the seven day march around the walls and picturing what would have been the overwhelmingly loud crescendo of a fierce brass band, I was reminded of something a jazz musician said. “Through music we reinforce unity and tare down walls.” Evidently that’s exactly what Joshua and his army did. On the surface the story may seem somewhat of a mystery but when considering the effect music has, particularly in our pop culture, this story has become a metaphor for how a Christian should worship and use music to minister to non Christians and enforce unity across denominations.

The Christian walk varies for everyone but a common denominator is praise and worship. Some of us whistle hymns as we work, others take 10 minutes out of the day to dance around and praise with a hair brush and audience of cuddly toys, whilst others simply meditate to the sounds of Fred Hammond, soaking up the words. Some sing and some spit. Ultimately, I have learned through reading Joshua that the medium used to praise and worship in many respects is irrelevant but, having a heart of faith and reverence to God before we slap our tambourine, press our fingers against those keys or sing like a cat with laryngitis makes all the difference.

I see I have digressed slightly into a pseudo topic so let’s reel it back to the man of the moment.

When Joshua was ordered to cross Jordan, fought battles within the battle (namely Rahab hiding spies) and such, again I couldn’t help but see the story’s relevance to our present day. Literally and metaphorically battles are fought daily but through understanding Joshua’s faith against all odds and the adamance in ‘him and his house serving the Lord’ I felt small and yet encouraged.

Young people: Our elders promised us that having a degree guarantees a job- evidently it doesn’t; we’ve been let down by our government; lied to by our media; at times hurt by our family and friends; overlooked and/or misunderstood by the church! But if we compare ourselves to what Joshua and his army went through- really take time to reflect on each chapter and see how despite all the challenges that come with being in a battle physically, psychologically and emotionally, one can overcome as a result of faith and whole heap a’ ambition. Thus, we know we have a chance.

Joshua is a book like many that needs a series of sermons and another read to grasp even a little bit more so that’s deffo on the cards for me once I get through Judges…and the rest.

Until some time in the very near future, stay blessed, stay encouraged and have a read a’ Joshua 🙂


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