Jewels Within Judges


Howdy, bonjour, wag1!

Joshua is gone; the Israelites are still ‘stiff necked’ and are worshipping Balaam (I’d imagine God getting so frustrated he ends up giggling…when will they learn eh?) ; everyone’s still fighting- torturing each other, hammering nails into temples and giving Kings lippo suction! I was starting to see a bit of a pattern between the men of the zeitgeist!

Contrastingly, I was happy to be acquainted with Deborah- Prophetess.  A phenomenal leader, a woman of virtue and naturally with a lot of fight in her. I  also was pleased to learn of Gideon’s faith and loyalty.

I was not 100% clear of what exactly happened to Jephthah’s daughter. She went to the mountains for two months to mourn her virginity. Why was that? I mean, I can guess but i’d prefer to ‘know.’

It’s in Judges we also learn of Samson. I remember reading about him as a child. To me he always came across as a clumsy guy unaware of his own strength; victimised by the evil Philistines and the even more horrid Delilah.

However, upon reading the story of Samson in more detail, I discovered he was not as clumsy-come-cuddly as I had initially perceived. Am I the only one who didn’t know he was already married but treated his wife so poorly that his family gave her to a friend?!

Baring in mind how much women endured at that time and the shame that came with being widowed or divorced, how bad must he have been for his family to pity the wife and give her away?

As previously mentioned, I was made to believe Delilah was nothing but an evil, crafty woman who led poor, innocent Samson to his death via the hands of the Philistines. After reading Judges, I questioned how much choice Delilah felt she had after being told what to do by an army of men. Moreover, now aware of Samson’s’ ‘lust issues’, I pondered how much of his own weakness was to blame? It brought me back to my thoughts re Eve and the perception people have to this day of biblical women. Clearly we are not solely to blame for the demise of man.

In addition to lurving the ladies, Samson was a bit of a rebel. The story of him lighting the foxes tails and making them run through the Philistine fields reminded me of the footage I’d seen recently of a few boys petrol bombing high street shops. And this was a man of God? Why?!

Soon I discover that Samson’s previous actions were irrelevant once he repented. He was even willing to die with his enemies thus reflecting his true feelings and humility.

Judges 17 brings us to Micah- the man who paid a levite to be his Priest and thought he’d be ‘saved’ by doing so. How relevant is this story to our present day?

So many said Christians rely on their pastor/vicar/youth leader to steer their faith. Who here after church or bible study reads the word of their own volition?

Judges 19 reveals a tragic story. A woman dying as a result of a gang rape; her body divided into 12 pieces and distributed throughout Israel. My heart sank upon reading this and knowing this was and is not a rare situation. Shortly after, Israel saw another fall. With no king  everyone was able to rule as they saw fit.

How long will it be before I meet another women of virtue? When will I be introduced to a man of courage and understanding  who is also gentle?

I anticipate having my question answered when reading Ruth.


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