The Ruth is on Fire!


Happy Tuesday all!

It’s been a busy one but I was adamant on reading Ruth today. As a child she was one of my bible heroes. I always thought of her as a soft-spoken, coy woman who conveyed her strength quietly. I wondered if like many other characters, my view of her would be slightly altered post reading her through ‘grown up’ eyes.

Unsurprisingly it hasn’t! For weeks I’ve been looking forward to reading this book and after diving into those four short n’ sweet chapters, I realised why.

Picture what it would have been like for Ruth, Naomi-come-Mara and Orpah; widowed, mourning, tired, impoverished, restricted, starving. A woman without a husband in many respects could consider her life over. But, there is a chance such a harsh life style could be rid of; one chance as rare as a needle in a haystack or an Armani shoe in Primark. Would you take that chance to be away from pain and hunger and into survival or would you stay and die…WITH YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW?!

I imagine what my option would be and I’m guessing yours would be the same. And that is why I’ve always admired Ruth. Unlike Deborah or Esther, she was not known for being loud, bold, ostentatious or even beautiful. She struck me as a timid girl, often keeping her head down and only speaking when she felt something needed to be said. Yet, she had the courage to stay with Naomi, lay be the feet of Boaz as well as the faith to ensure her and the briefly named Mara will starve no more.

It’s this quiet tenacity that reminds me of the many women whose life stories don’t make it to Hollywood, but they keep this world going one way or another. They birth mighty men and pass their genes to future kings just like Ruth did with David.

Through the story of Ruth, I developed a new respect for not only women, not only women who are poor, not only women who are poor and in the middle of the drout, but for women who despite all this, uphold their loyalty, their faith, will stare you in the eye and smile.

I thank the book of Ruth for reminding me of what I have, who I am and who I can be.

I’m off to read up on Sammy-Sam as well as a few external resources so I’ll be taking a mini-break. Hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far. I’ll be in touch before you know  it!

Nadia x


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  1. Ruth is one of my absolute favorites as well! There are very few Ruth-like women in the world today, and I aspire to be one of them, but know I am still far from it!

    1. Hi Rebekah!

      I am where you are but you know what they say; ‘Aim for the stars and you might reach the moon.’ I think if we continue to aspire being like Ruth and only end up obtaining a smidgen of her courage, strength, etc, perhaps we can still be pretty funk-a-delick witness’??? 🙂

      P.S. Thank you ever so much for my award! Much appreciated x

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