Not In The Mood For Camden


The piece you’re about to read was a submission for The Beddow and Battini Art Collective’s latest exhibition, ‘100 Word Pilgrimage.’

The process was as follows: Writers’ (including myself) were sent to various parts of London. We had to write 100 words encompassing our feelings towards said destination. We were to tell of the journey there, standing amidst the environment and our journey back.

I’ll be honest, I had my heart set on writing about a place close to home, so when I was given Camden, I was not best pleased.

However, I decided to turn this tragedy into triumph by channeling my negative energy into what you see below…and I must admit, I was glad to be given this location when all was said and done.

The 100 Word Pilgrimage was the Collective’s best exhibition to date. I’m so proud of my team and am honoured to call myself their Writer in Residence.

So without futher-a-do …

Reluctantly rising,
unwillingly walking,
sombrely sitting,
now eagerly watching
as the tumultuous train travels.

Acutely ascending,
sporadically spewing…
into the high street plagued with skittles.

Pacing pavements,
prodding punks,
groping goths,
gripping grungers,
hawk eyed hoodies.
Now discerning dichotomies of life choices and biog’s… for my blog.

Marking the market,
with eyes on a prize of bodacious burlesque boutique ce’ freak tights.

After a montage of camden congestion, sight darts to the destination…
the stables.
Smell the old hay,

feel the thick air,
up the horses nostril I glare, uninspired and very tired, of all places…why here?

Find out more about the exhibit by visiting the BnB site.


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  1. Check out what the collective had to say about the piece…

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