The World On A Blanket


Nights ago, I closed my eyes and allowed my dreams to take over. One dream has been ingrained in my memory and is as vivid as the day. I shared this dream with a friend and a cousin who both said it should be told. So here is what my mind encountered when my REM did to unfold.

I dreamt I was walking down a quiet residential East London road. To the left of me were houses I must have passed when I was awake. I approached a terraced house with a white painted wall in front, I saw a Cameraman filming the house, and with him was a TV Presenter (who may have resembled Davina McCall).

It was at this point I realised I was entering a Big Brother House of sorts. I saw a Hindu woman dressed in a blue sari, pass the brown oak front door and enter the house, followed by an Imam with a very long grey beard, who was followed by a an Orthodox Jew, who was followed by a Priest (this sounds like the making of a joke with a poor punch line, but please bare with me a sec).

I could feel my stomach churning; curiosity overcame me. I found myself walking into the house. The door slammed, making the sound of a prison gate being forced shut.

Cut to: Inside the house, structured in a very Dickensian manner. Beige walls, a black painted fire place on the left, bay windows with cream lace netting at front and centre, and to the right, a dusty brown sofa.

Squeezed in-between the sofa and the fireplace were the religious representatives in a circle. No one spoke. They all just glared at each other intensely. Leaning against a brown dining table behind me, I watched from a safe distance, feeling equally awkward and excited.

Out of nowhere, the undiscerning mumbles of a woman’s voice could be heard. The leaders looked towards the ceiling (as I guess that’s where the voice was coming from).

While I could not hear the words clearly, I knew what was being said. The leaders were being given a task. They all took a step back, making their circle bigger. Blue string shot out from their wrists and knitted together to make a blanket. Once the blanket was fully formed, the leaders held onto their piece of the fabric for dear life. From the ceiling,  a bouncy ball (painted like the globe) dropped into the middle of the blanket. It was their task to explain how the world began. Whoever came up with the most accurate theory, would win the world.

The Hindu woman began explaining. As she told her version of events, the globe started rolling towards her. The Orthodox Jew interjected, disagreeing with her story and subsequently, telling his. Slowly, the world rolled towards him, until the Priest started speaking. Reluctantly, the globe rolled in the Priest’s direction, and somehow, it seemed heavier- as if this light, bouncy material was filling up with concrete. Overlapping the Priest’s monologue, was the voice of the Imam. Soon, all voices were overlapping, becoming louder, more stern, and aggressive. The tension was weighing me down. Out of nowhere other religious figures appeared. There were ministers of various denominations from different time periods. There were Buddhists, Jahova Witnesses, Scientologists, Atheists, Sun Worshippers, Rastafarians, Hippies and representatives of faiths thats I couldn’t discern. The blanket was being pulled tighter and tighter, people were nudging each other for space. The world was rolling evermore aggressively- as if it were being shaken.

The talking and the shouting, the blaming, the sneering, the jeering, the heckling, the bitching, the gossiping, became words that melted into each other until I could hear nothing but a piercing scream.

Then something peculiar occurred. The world spoke. It didn’t shout, or call for silence. Although it was very calm and quiet in tone, everyone heard and just stopped. The silence was almost as piercing as the scream.

Then, the world said: “While all of you have a truth, none of you have the ultimate truth.”

Everyone just looked at each other, as stunned as I was. I’m not sure what happened next, because I woke up…

While I’m not overly superstitious, and while I do not rely on dreams to predict or determine my future, I did see this one as a lesson. As some of you readers and fellow bloggers may have guessed via my earlier ‘Contemplation Cafe’ blogs, I have been on a search for truth. I grew up being fed the bible and only ever understanding one stream of philosophy. I reached a fork in the road, and decided that I was neither doing to defend or denounce the bible any longer, until I’d read it cover to cover myself- objectively (yeah right), and as deeply as possible. I’d blog my thoughts post reading each book. The tone of my blogs become bleaker, and more frank, shorter and riddled with questions…and admittedly, doubt.

I’ll continue with the quest I promised to see through to the end, but note, this dream may very well be the bench mark I’ll refer to when drafting future blogs of the ‘Contemplation Cafe’ nature.

I wonder what life  would be like if we all took heed of what the world said when it was on a blanket?


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