Silver Lining


Congratulations to my wonderful art collective, Beddow and Battini! ‘The Journey from East to South’ was the second in the series of our interactive, interdisciplinary artistic success- with illustrations, literature, music and film unified under one gallery, documenting  journeys and life  across London and their significance to different people.

‘Silver Lining’ is a piece I wrote in homage to the Jubilee underground line that has been carrying young and old from East to South London and back since 1979.

Is it a reliable line? Not always 😦

Is it worth the money? Not really 😦

But the richness of life stories are as filling as it’s carriages on a Monday morning…and without it, getting to my favourite parts of London would be significantly trickier.

The illustrative response (as seen in the postcard I’m holding) was created by a fellow member of the collective. Much appreciation to Eddy for capturing the colours of my mind and a huge thank you to Hatch Gallery, Beddow and Battini, and all supporters for making the exhibition the magic that it was.

Silver Lining

Written by Nadia Gasper

“Where we going?’’ she asks while bouncing on her knee. 

“West Ham.’’ Mummy decrees.

 Years pass…

 She takes her son from Canning Town to the station- tiled blue,

rushes up the escalator and through the O2.

 Son, now man, heads to work in Canary Wharf-

and then to his daughter, waiting by Canada Water.

 Daughter, now teen, dressed for halloween, travels to dungeons of London Bridge.

 Teen, now woman and mother of two, speeds from Bermondsey to iMax- Waterloo.

 Same train drives generations that have stood the test of time. Every cloud has a silver lining. The Jubilee is mine.



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