Yesterday was my birthday…

Bournemouth-beachYesterday was my birthday…I’m not one for making a fuss (at least not until the last minute), and with every year that passes, I become less enthused. This year, I was determined to do next to nothing – just spend the day away from ‘the smoke’, eating and drinking too much, listening to music and just taking in nature. For some reason, my instincts told me that Bournemouth would be fitting for the occasion.

My partner and I packed our bags, took an early coach and arrived at the beach by brunch (yes, now that I am over 25, I feel sophisticated enough to consider brunch an ‘official meal’).

In addition to winning endless rounds of black-jack and rummy, I was given the gift of a beautiful, vintage Japanese lacquer-box-style diary. I decided to christen the book by dedicating the first page to a creation of my partner’s choice. He gave me a list of words, and my task was to make something out of it. The words were: path, u-turn, carved, captured, sauces, essence, trees, red, climbed, intricate, vintage, light, sea, wooden, flow, stumbled.

I came up with the below and when reciting it,  realised it was a poem…ish.



We scrapped our feet across the pier’s path, and we carved our names in  sand. Smiles captured the essence of our peace and tranquility.

We climbed vintage rock until our halos gripped the light – houses greeted us with open doors, memoirs and warmth. Trees laid down their lives to make our tables and benches.

Their intricate knots and lines were like the elbows that joined each leg and seat together, providing a nest in which we would rest and ponder. At times we sat in awe and consumed the abundant silence that on occasion, oozed small sparks of diegetics.

Immersed in crimson red wines and sauces that did flow like the sea, christening the beach towels and inspiring a spontaneity that we trusted so innately and so gratefully. Intentions of being laid back and vacuous, soon became mind-framed tales of enchantment.

Naturally, we cast off the shackles that London life had constrained us to -often shoe-horning us into an energy of wooden, woe some worry.

Bournemouth provided the break we needed, and succeeded in ensuring our journey back would not be a u-turn; a reverse into life at 26 and before, but an exciting ride back to the mainland, with platinum promises for 27 and beyond…phases jam-packed with overwhelming happiness.



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