Khazimah – letter to the unborn


Who says killing time on BuzzFeed is a waste? On a quiet Wednesday evening, I thought to quash the moral indignation that is, ‘willingly being sucked into the vortex of celebrity observation and consumer-scouting-nothingness’, and consequently, managed to form the below. This pseudo-prophetic-piece-of-prose encompasses all I may have been in a past life, all I hope I am and plan to pass on to those who face the world when I’m gone. What a relief it would be to say this to my unborn daughter if she one day asked; “Mum, what do you think of me, where d’you think I’m going and where will I live on?”

Now if I can weave a tapestry of aphoristic sentiment and the quotidian crap of Hello and Okay magazine, I could be onto sumink!


You are the energy of the universe.

Your afterlife consists of pure energy.

No flesh, no earthly senses, no attachments to the life you previously lived.

You would become both incandescent light and shades of nightfall, thundering through the universe toward other currents of energy.

You would be everything and you would be nothing.

A ball of charging atoms, a black hole, an entire swirling galaxy.soul-nebula-intro

You are calm and creative.

You have a fresh and unique outlook on life; your sunny disposition and ability to think outside the box attracts others.

You have an upbeat spirit and like to express yourself through some form of creative outlet.

Don’t let “practical” things get in the way of your creative passions, your soul craves them!LNS_01_RK0427_01_P

In adolescence, as a lion you are fiercely independent, confident and in control – all balanced by a quiet demeanour.

You are also a creative and influential force, and have the internal power to make positive (or negative) changes in your life and the lives of others.

Most Lion Totem people are very loyal, and will defend friend and family honour to the death.

…but, beware of the damage you could do to yourself: At all costs, avoid being labelled the control freak and learn how to let go! 

Fewer dreams speak in a more poignant way than those you seem to have experienced.

While most dreams tend to mean different things depending on the individual – Your positive energy in daily life has carried over and clearly expressed itself through your lofty, sometimes euphoric dreams.

Positive dreaming such as soaring across landscapes, pleasant laughing, and the recurrence of individuals you are fond of are all indicators of being not only content, but genuinely happy with your current self.

This is a truly rare state-of-being, one that is only achieved through perseverance and coming to terms not only with the good in life, but with the bad as well. It’s all about balance!

Demeter__s_Revenge_by_violscraperAs Demeter incarnate, you a goddess of the harvest – a laid back individual for the most part, especially when you are outside.

Being with nature is very natural to you… at the risk of being a little too into nature and not enough into what is going on around you!

You are a gifted speaker, you talk straight from your heart and everyone feels your passion.

You believe love conquers all. You are always willing to sacrifice and you see the bigger picture.il_340x270.454050263_byfs

Your season is spring: Versatile is your middle name. Ever the optimist, you greet the future with hope and positivity.

The colour of your dreams is orange… ever craving a sense of peace, tranquility and harmony in your lifestyle… Always consider your current state of well being and make sure that you are taking care of yourself internally as well as externally. You are a naturally creative individual, be sure not to let that fade. To be creative is your form of release; a type of outlet you utilise in order to plan, construct and execute your daily routine. Be sure not to forget that.

You’re extremely insightful: You’re very astute of your flaws & strengths. You are open to learning more about yourself. Some things you are willing to accept and let be.

Your mystical creature is the unicorn. You are a very peaceful and kind person. You also know how to stay calm and you are the type of person that will help a random stranger in need. You also love nature and have great respect for the environment.

You were also born in the jazz age: You belong to the 1920’s! You love the finer things in life and you just love to party. Fashion is what your about you love to look stylish and classy.

Untitled 4

Your spirit is like an Egyptian King of Gods and of the Sun. You are Ra or Amun-Ra the King of the Egyptian gods. You rule over the sun and all of creation. You are the definition of light yet you are in constant battle with Osiris who stands for darkness and death.

You think with your brain and always take your time before speaking out and making decisions. You like to view life from every angle, think about the outcome of your possible actions and pick the one that’s right for you.

You don’t get carried away easily, and you don’t like to feel overwhelmed with emotions.

You’re a true believer: You have an unshakable sense of self and no one can bring you down! You don’t waste your time focusing on the negative because for you, anything is possible! Even when you are faced with a challenge, you are determined and self assured. You are successful and aren’t afraid to make mistakes because you know how to learn from them and keep charging forward. You’re going to go far, superstar! Keep believing in you!



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