A year ago today, we lost our queen bee…
Missing you Nan…
Always in my thoughts.
Nadia xx

The Chronicles of Nadia


This afternoon I received a call from my Aunt. Through her tears, she asked me to get to London Hospital as fast as I could – It was Nan…

By the time I got there, she was gone. I stayed with Nan and the rest of my loved ones until it was time to go.

No matter how old or expected death is, it always shocks you. Once the hypothetical becomes a harsh reality, you forget everything you thought you’d prepared for…I guess this is a side-effect of love.

Nan had been on my mind vividly and often for the last few days. When my Dad called to say she was in hospital again with suspected pneumonia, I just had a feeling…

I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch this afternoon. We had originally planned to meet at the O2 Centre, but something told me that Stratford would…

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