High Fives All Round! Celebrating Half a Decade of…The Writers’ Revelation Revolution.

Dear friends,

Scribble Ink TumbnailToday, I’m celebrating what is probably one of my biggest achievements to-date. Five years ago today, I officially launched Scribble Ink Story Consultancy – a social enterprise dedicated to mentoring writers throughout their creative process (www.scribbleink.com). From humble beginnings in the corner of my imagination, Scribble Ink has leaped through its elementary years and become a frightfully-fabulous-fun-inducing paradigm, imbued in a creative writing, new media, arts education electrifying-empire! Lecturing in universities and theatres, running workshops in schools, colleges, community centres, libraries, youth clubs and care homes, providing a poetry competition for the Olympics and ‘live writing’ sessions at festivals were some of the pleasures I’ve had (to name a few…and long may they continue). Read more…FiveYearBirthdayCake

Over the years, Scribble Ink has taken great shape, and has also shaped me as a person. Setting up a business is tough but, sustaining it is even tougher. I may not be a ba-zillion-aire yet but, the experiences I’ve had have been priceless.

I rarely share ‘Scribble E News’ on the Chronicles of Nadia…but what the heck! This is a super-special occasion that I couldn’t help but share with all you fab folk!

Thank you all soooooo much for your continued support! Have a great weekend (I know I will…celebrations began early).

Best wishes,



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  1. Natalie says:

    Happy Earth-Strong Scribble Ink and well done on all your achievements!! I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts! Stay blessed x

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