1900004_10200939719894566_1524276151_nTwo years ago today, the world said goodbye to a beautiful woman. I think about my big cousin all the time…I’ll forever be grateful for the huge part she played in my life — a great inspiration and a ray of golden sunshine. My thoughts are with the rest of my family, Kim’s friends and whoever else is experiencing loss. Let’s continue the legacy of our loved ones, by living each day as if it were on purpose. xx


The Chronicles of Nadia

IMG_0733 In many respects, a persons name says a lot about who they are and is indicative of the impact they have on others. So it should come as no surprise to learn that  the name ‘Kim’ means bold, brave and golden.

It’s said that people with the name Kim are imbued with many creative qualities, including a fine ear for music and a fine eye for art, being sharp of mind, with good business judgement and managerial talents, whilst being a kind and selfless soul with a sense of responsibility and welfare for others.

Kim graced and embraced many with her warm-hearted spirit, which often led to her responding to the needs and interests of those around her before herself. A nurturing and protective aura resonated strongly in Kim, and she was always ready to help those in less fortunate circumstances.

Kim’s shining light, in name and nature, is that…

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