Farage Fatale

Farage Fatale: Born from the term ‘femme fatale’ — a stock character of a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations.

the most dignified illustration I've seen of the leaders Debate so far.
the most dignified illustration i’ve seen of the leaders Debate so far.

Farage Fatale is term I coined after watching last night’s ludicrous display. A dismal spin on  the X-Factor-meets-Take-Me-Out is what became The Leaders Debate. The over-polished pleading of political puppets, filled me with nothing but frustration (why did I do that to myself?)

UKIP isn’t racist? Are you sure?

 I wanted to lean Green, but Bennett didn’t give me enough. I knew from the start I would not be a Cameron fan, and his denial re the state of poverty in this country only confirmed my instincts. Screw Clegg! I’ll never believe what he says. Ed’s over rehearsed shaking of hand became boring and predictable, and his piece to camera only left me craving cheese and crackers. But worst of all… worst of all was the audacity of Farage! He clings to the defamatory of immigration like a drowning victim clings to a rubber ring. I thought I’d be in a ‘majority’ when expressing my distaste for his distaste. But this morning, I woke up to the following Facebook message.

Mr C said: “Opening speeches as for as style & authenticity (not necessarily substance) goes: it’s UKIP & SNP”

I asked: “ Just to clarify… You think Farage looked real? Do you think his ‘looking real’ is linked to any of his policies? Is his looking real a dangerous thing?”

Mr C said: “Again as I tried to say in my comments on the show we have to be rational and separate style from substance I was merely trying to say he was (mainly) the only one who *looked* & *sounded* like a dude who was having a normal conversation with the viewer.”

I replied with: That’s what I thought you meant…but I’m wondering if his looking real is also a dangerous thing, because people will vote for him on that premise…maybe this is why he’s got this far? Thoughts?”

Mr C responded with: Every leader who is malevolent gets in on charisma. I hate drawing for the Hitler card and I’m not saying he and Farage are alike but he’s the best (worst) example of a politician who is elected by appearing to be ‘of the people’. Could Farage be hiding a sinister person underneath a façade of average Joe-having a average debate, of course! I’m not convinced yet he is…but I’m not convinced he’s not also.

Then his friend (who for the purposes of this story, we’ll call, MR W) chimed in with: “The Farage-Hitler paranoia from the black community is fascinating to watch. The bottom line is he says those things that we all know but are to PC/cowardly to say…i.e. “there is a 5th column living among us” He was of course called an Islamophobe but he was right of course. A leader that speaks the unpopular truth does more for cohesion than those who tell us bald face lies.”

Mr W’s remark was not met with support, but with Mr C saying: “Errr the paranoia isn’t from the ‘black community’. I just can’t with your cultural self-flagellation sometimes man. Accusations of UKIP breeding racism and hosting suppressed intolerance come from many different groups in society.”

At this point, I’m fuming. So I said: “Ok, a couple of things: His remarks re removing foreign aid annoyed me. Why not keep the aid and remove the debt? After all, we’re only a tiny island, and if disaster struck here, we’d want the world to help us…his clumsy remarks re immigration also fuel racism, so it’s not paranoia. Its pretty self evident. Also, while he hinges all problems on immigration, he fails to recognise that this country was built on immigration, cannot survive without it…and its strange how immigration doesn’t bother him when he chooses to marry an immigrant, when his friends have off-shore accounts or use immigrants for their own gain (businesses, trade, etc) and he didn’t say much when others spoke about the benefits immigration has had on British citizens choose to migrate. Personally, I cannot stand the man. I think immigration is a scapegoat and distraction from the many other real problems we face. I don’t compare him to Hitler, simply because I don’t think he’s powerful enough, and not as organised…although could be as evil-hearted. I compare him to Enoch Powell…and it seems this country has yet to learn any lessons from that historical hiccup.”

I shut down my Facebook (because I have a life outside of the digital realm, and when I return, to my dismay, Mr W has added: “Y’all Farage is not a leader who speaks because it will sound nice…he actually address issues people want to avoid. It’s best to go to a doctor who diagnoses your ailment rather than tell you all is well and good when it isn’t. Again Farage has been likened to Enoch (who has been proven right — just not the way people expected), and borderline Hitler (bar military power). All because he address non-PC points like HIV treatment cases. Be angry with him if he is lying but if he is being truthful then ask yourself…why do I hate someone for telling the truth? Come on folks we are better than this. All the points Farage makes on national sovereignty, uncontrolled immigration…are things argued for in many other countries. In Nigeria, where I was born, people demanded Ghanians must go because of a high influx of immigration. I don’t remember anyone calling them racists. Let’s be consistent people. That been said a White man who is raicst towards polish, Romanian and Easter European immigrants is most certainly an interesting character. Ironically he is married to a German. Something doesn’t quite add up. Accusing people wrongly of nefarious intention is a serious offence. Let’s be careful especially when you don’t know his heart. On a lighter note, today is an awesome day. Christ said: “It is finished” on the cross.”

Clearly, this simpleton is very much a follower without a cause; a boy of ignorance; someone who can jump from justifying Farage’s policies to celebrating a man who stood for equality and charity (which includes ‘Jews helping Gentiles’), does not know what he’s talking about.

…My feelings of anger wrap themselves tightly around my concerns. As much as was irked by his comments, he’s not alone in thinking this. Hence why UKIP has got this far. Farage has been clever. Like a  Delilah in a femme fatale film noir, he has seduced a population by breaking away from traditional political nuances — we’ve seen him down the pub, he rarely uses the ‘one finger to camera’ move the others use, and he replaces political language with  pseudo-vernacular, straight talking dialogue. Moreover, he drums up fear, particularly, in regions least affected by immigration with his ‘watch out! The zombies are coming’ rhetoric — enough to convince people that there is a need to stop foreign aid, second guess someone who doesn’t look ‘stereotypically British’ and justifies the mistreatment of anyone who doesn’t fit the bill (and no you’re not mistaken, its 2015).


So how will this film noir blockbuster end? Perhaps our Delilah will meet a demise — be banished from our screens, never to piss us off again. Or perhaps Delilah will conform to the traditional story, and be the death of Samson (his own UKIP) and consequently crush the dynasty (our community). We’ll know by 7th May.


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