These Heartbreaking Election Results Won’t Break My Spirits. Viva The Writers’ Revelation Revolution!

Dear friends,

Rarely do I mix business ( with pleasure (The Chronicles of Nadia), but the following has got me pretty syked, so I just had to share!

For more than a year, it has been a dream of mine to work as a writer and creative director (yes, I am a geek and I’m not ashamed of it); reaching new artistic, academic and technological heights. So determined to make this a reality, I’ve been studying a Masters in Critical Arts Management (go hard or go home right?). Simultaneous to hittin’ the books, I’ve been developing Scribble Ink’s latest lit-movement, Scribble Online — a range of online creative writing courses.

It seems the hard work is beginning to pay off, because…drum roll please…

I am delighted to announce the launch of my first Scribble Online course!

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.12.30
Bring your Character to Life: A Creative Writing Experience, is a short nano course (a short n’ sweet mini course for creatives on the go) designed to support you with the creation of dynamic, complex and detailed characters.

I have three Scribble Online freebies to gift. Click here to redeem your voucher so you can enrol for £0. Otherwise, feel free to indulge in the special offer of a £3 enrolment fee.
“In today’s world with online learning all over the place, I think the idea of a nano course is absolutely brilliant! Certainly, I myself have suffered from online course fatigue and even though I want to follow a course, won’t, because I don’t have the time. A nano course makes things very manageable.” 

— Scribble Online Student.

For more information about Scribble Online, including up-and-coming courses, or email

Thank-YouI’d like to thank all those (including you) who’ve shown support by reading/listening to my ideas, rants and ‘quirky’ philosophies, investing in Scribble Online and sharing the magic with their networks.

Well, it’s Friday, and as much as I’d love to celebrate the Scribble Online victory, I have to finish my bibliography for this MA assignment (they weren’t lying when they said I’d be busy).

So please, if nothing else, indulge in a nano course and pour a glass of celebratory wine or a cup of celebratory coffee (depending on what time zone you’re in) on my behalf.

Finally, please drop me a message and tell me all about your first Scribble Online experience. Your feedback is always welcome!

Much love,

Nadia 🙂


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