A Rainbow of Love: My Thoughts RE Marriage, Religion, Politics and Multi-coloured Cookies

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Is it true? Have recent events been prophesied in the book of Revelations? Are we approaching the beginning of the end? Has war, murder, discrimination, climate change, etc, just suddenly invaded our planet so abruptly, or have they always been there, because there’s nothing new under the sun (gotta love Ephesians if you’re a poet or songwriter)?

…guess the only way we can really tell, is by following the LGBT journey, right? Something many of my religious friends have been obscurely-obsessed with (at times, above all else…which I think is a little weird given all the other things going on).

I am a hetrosexual woman. I will never be fully complicit with the LGBT experience, based on that premise. While I do have gay relatives, friends and colleagues, I refuse to attach myself to their experiences or use them as evidence to prove that I am not homophobic, because I hate it when white people use me as an example to prove they are not racist (and no, I don’t believe that racism and homophobia are exactly the same, but I do believe ignorance is pretty clear-cut, hence the example I’ve just given).

So, do I have the right to speak up for the LGBT community when I feel they are mistreated? Do I have the right to celebrate with them when progress comes into fruition? Even if that progress is just a drop in the ocean?

As a self-proclaimed loud mouth east Londoner, I think I do when it’s on my doorstep. This morning, when scrolling through my FB page, I came across an illustration that inspired this blog. I won’t say too much. Just have a look at this webcomic for yourself. 

Now, this in no way offended me. In fact, I felt it raised a good point. Many Christian denominations have tried to uphold biblical principles since they were Yes my western friends, it still happens, and it breaks my heart.scribed. Some, and many are still persecuted for this (which breaks my heart). I understand that being told an integral part of your way of life needs to change even if it is in the bible, must be difficult, and I do not expect the church to act like Deuteronomy never happened.

However, we must also remember, that at least in the western world, the law and the bible are two separate entities. The law once claimed that black people were only 3/5’s of a human, and that was not in the bible (even though many churches accepted this as gospel). And with this in mind, surely the church must accept that if a couple wish to be married BY THE LAW, they should be allowed to go to any registrar without being turned away.

Read for yourself... http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/at-least-they-arent-35-of-person-25.html
Read for yourself… http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/at-least-they-arent-35-of-person-25.html

After a few cyber convos evoked by the aforementioned webcomic strip, I concluded the following:

THIS IS WHERE I STAND ON RECENT EVENTS RE GAY MARRIAGE: I myself am happy for any two consenting adults to have their relationship legally recognised, and be entitled to the same things as me, but I think if someone doesn’t agree or understand what the fuss is about, they should be given a chance to speak so we can have PROPER conversations, EDUCATE and reach PROPER RESOLUTIONS in an ADULT and DIPLOMATIC way. Of course, this is based on the assumption that views are expressed in an informed and balanced manner — without hurling needless insults at someone by calling them a bible basher or stupid because they don’t just say OK to everything, and likewise, there’s no need for homophobic insults or playing God by telling me who will and will not be going to hell…which by the way has been part of many conversations I’ve had…with religious men…who contradict their beliefs by telling me I’m fine, even though I l’ve been with my partner for years and we are not yet married? They will accept me in a church but not a gay couple? They will accept pregnant women walking down the isle, but they won’t accept a gay couple? They will accept that there are teens in youth groups who use the Christian summer camps to smoke weed and have orgies without fear of being caught by their parents? But will not accept a gay couple? They will accept UKIP members in their church, but won’t accept a gay couple? They will not accept the Lord’s name being taken in vein, but will turn a blind eye to poverty, climate change or a man in tears asking for help because he’s been chased by a group calling him batty boy? They will turn a blind eye to domestic violence, extra marital affairs or child abuse, but won’t accept a gay person in their church? I WISH THESE EXPERIENCES WERE NOT SO COMMON, but sadly, I’ve seen enough to know that they are. Whoever wants to tell me the new legislation is wrong, you’re welcome to do that, given it’s a free country, but before you do, absorb the above, think about how you play God, and if you know deep down you’re wrong, DONT WASTE MY TIME WITH EMPTY CONVERSATION.


Please note: I have no reason to believe that every Christian is homophobic or a hypocrite. I think it’s unfair that Christianity is often scapegoated when raising issues of homophobia in religion (because I also have Muslim, Sikh and even Atheist associates who disagree with gay marriage). But I do believe it’s time to separate legislation from religion. Marriage is a universal, almost innately-human factor of life, whereas, religion is often a choice (even if you ‘act’ a certain way to fit in with your community, you choose what you believe with your heart and mind). And with this in mind, surely what’s just happened can only be a good thing. BOTTOM LINE. IT’S ALL LOVE!

PS. I haven’t tried one yet, but I assume this multi-coloured cookie would be perfect with a good cuppa…



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