A Lament of Poetic Influence

I stumbled across this old gem and found myself taking a trip down ‘Introspective Lane.’ It’s amazing to look back and see how much life has changed in 4 years. I guess it’s life’s way of reassuring me that there’s an exciting future ahead?

The Chronicles of Nadia


I will write you a poem,

that tells of sun beams, moon dances and mellow skies.

I will write you a poem,

that shakes rustic leaves, leaving trees

to face a seemingly trepidatious breeze and-

I will write you a poem,

that brings about a stout mood, undiscerning.

A concoction of excitement, vulnerability, anxiousness and anticipation.

I will write you a poem. One day.

But for now, take heed this read of, ‘it is what it is.’

Stone hearts are hard to melt.

A charcoal slab betwixt the sheets of an unmade wedding bed.

Mangled with duvets of misplaced passion; embracing pillows of tears-

stained minds of what was meant to be a sure thing.

To be sure of a sure thing begs the question; can we be sure of anything?

The fear of being sure you have it all; at risk of loosing it, again

repeats on a soul…

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