About Nadia…and her chronicles.

My Dear reader, fellow blogger, cyber-friend, and all the in-between,

Thank you for making contact! I assume you’re here because you’re keen to make sense of the wacky brains behind this venture? I respect your intrigue and am delighted to share the following…

I live to write, I write to explore, I explore to learn, I learn to teach, I teach to love, I love to write, I write to live… and so the cycle goes.

Simultaneous to writing scripts, poetry, short stories, blogs and other (surprisingly, I have made pocket money from such things), I run Scribble Ink Story Consultancy – a social enterprise dedicated to mentoring writers throughout their creative process.

For me, the best thing about my writing process (within The Chronicles of Nadia), is that there is no generic process! Without overthinking, I take the tips I share via Scribble Ink, and discern the ones that fit the story and the mood at that time. I write as and when inspired.

When I need to rant, make sense of a situation or process emotions, I walk through the wardrobe of my soul, and into a magical world draped in possibilities and wonder (cheesy but true).

Like many creatives, I do however, have an innate style, which I try to refine as often as possible (through reading, writing, learning new words, downloading writing apps that I rarely use, etc). In addition to writing in the way that I would speak, I prefer to write before I type. There really is something delicious about the fluidity of the thought – to the hand – to the pen – to the paper – to the world…

My conversational, day-dreamer style has a deep romance with the inspiration I take from a rainbow of current affairs, hypothetical and literal scenarios, tales brought to life by people of all walks of life and in all disciplines… and I hope to share and expand my knowledge with this ever-evolving network of beautiful people (you included)!

Other interests involve music (watching not playing… although I have attempted to pick up a guitar countless times), eating (namely chocolate), visiting art galleries, (which I don’t do as often as I should), attending the theatre (something I really don’t do as often as I should) reading (a hobby the London Underground and I will always cherish), traveling (I promise, once I find that winning lottery ticket, I’ll be doing that more often), allowing myself to be sucked into the vortex of watching random YouTube videos (although, not of cats, but of natural hair styling and hair maintenance tutorials) and of course, being in amidst a hippy-fied, live audience!

Once again, I’m glad you paid a visit. Please subscribe and share your thoughts. Comments are most welcome.

Best wishes,



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  1. I love your writing style, it’s so inspirational! keep writing, exploring, learning and living!

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