This is the Year: Thoughts on Turning 30

  Wrapping paper, torn to shreds; food, stuffed either in bellies or between 2 slices of bread; family, all hugged and kissed goodbye before heading back on the motorway or on an overpriced Virgin train; unpacking, arduously ploughed through; flat, reheated; Tae Bo and Pop Pilates videos, replayed; painful choreography of said fitness routines, attempted…

Be the leader…not the boss

  Dear friends, I don’t mean to be rude, but I do mean to be candid, hence keeping this blog post short n’ sweet. Being a writer and businesswoman means I’m often ‘crowned’ with titles like ‘female boss’, ‘boss lady’ or, more progressively, just ‘boss’. While these gestures are well intentioned, I wear said gift like…

Farage Fatale

Farage Fatale: Born from the term ‘femme fatale’ — a stock character of a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations.

Tickled Pink Easter Eggs, Bunny Lovin’ Goddessness

Yes, simultaneous to mourning Christ’s death (proper sad) and resurrection (believe what you will), Easter is also a pagan festival — a time to honour Eostre, the Great Mother Goddess of the Saxon people in Northern Europe; Goddess of fertility (hence the bunny and egg symbolism, and the ambience of spring — a season for mating). Is it a coincidence that such superpowers are attributed to a Goddess and not a God?

Katie Hopkins Must Die

We all think these incidences of racial hatred are wrong. They leave pharmaceutically bitter tastes in our mouths, burn our stomachs and chill our skins…right? Right? RIGHT?!

Sadly. Nope.

Harry Belafonte Was Right About Jay-Z

…Many thanks to Jessica Ann Mitchell (fondly known as JAM) for sharing wikedly-wonderful-writerly-wisdom in such an engaging and vibrant way. Although we may not know each other, it seems we share very similar sentiments…and so I had to share this blog with all my mates 😉

Exhibit B: Proof that the world is regressing!

Friends and loved ones, I regret to inform you that the picture above is not of a window dresser preparing a mannequin for a summer sale (although in some respects, it could be argued otherwise). The picture above is of the non-artist, Brett Bailey curating  his latest work, Exhibit B – The Human Zoo. This four…

The Lenny Henry Enlightenment?

A friend of mine shared this with me a few days ago. Seconds after reading the synopsis, I had my reservations. I huffed and puffed at the thought of this being yet another much to do about nothing – a tick box initiative which allows for us to think we’ve solved a problem with all…